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Plan and create amazing website content with the tips and strategies covered in my complimentary Website Planner PDF.
Have you started a new business and customers keep asking for your website but you hang your head in shame because you don’t know where to start?

The web design process can be scary whether you are building a site yourself or working with a professional web designer. In either case, one of your first steps is to create the content. That's where the Website Planner comes in to play!

Perhaps you are not new in business but you feel you are not generating the revenue you could because your current website is missing "something"? 

Your website content should show how you solve problems your customers have and deliver the results that they want. Guess what? People pay for that!

Building a website is not rocket science.
Let's face it, there are tons of ways to build websites now. The genius comes in making sure your website offers SOLUTIONS to customers who have real problems and want real results. That's exactly why I created this digital Website Planner!

Meet Sharvette Mitchell
  • I am the CEO of Mitchell Productions where we work with service based entrepreneurs to enable them to build their personal brand so that their platform creates more cash. We do this by focusing on your visibility and marketing.
  • I bring to the table 25 years past experience in Corporate America in the area of corporate training & development. 
  • I graduated from Virginia Commonwealth University with a Bachelors in Marketing. 
  • I am a Talk Radio Host with over 13 years experience and over 326,120 total listeners for my internet radio show, The Sharvette Mitchell Radio Show. 
  • I am the founder of #CoachingWithVette Facebook Group for female entrepreneurs with over 2,000+ members. 
  • I host conferences and workshops for female entrepreneurs and I am set to host the 6th annual POP UP Conference. 
  • I have been featured in Huffington Post, Hope For Women Magazine, Sista Sense Magazine & more publications. 
  • I have TV appearances on CBS 6 – Virginia This Morning and various Comcast Cable shows.

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